Everything happens for good

Minister Birbal has habit of being positive in every thing and if anything happens, he used to say contently “it was good”. He was optimistic. In every thing, he used to see only positive side. On the other hand, King Akbar was of opposite nature. He used to see loss in every profit. Once during hunting, he got wounded in his little finger and it started bleeding. With pain, when he informed this to Birbal, with smile Birbal started consoling him “His Majesty should not be wounded, it is small wound. I think it has happened for good. Try to be content.” Upon listening this, king ordered Birbal to be sent to jail, “When my finger is cut today, it is good for you, tomorrow when worse happen to me, you may be celebrating so you are to be jailed for whole life”. Birbal smiling replied “His Majesty, you should not send me to jail, but you did. I believe it might be for good. I am ready to accept it contently”. After saying this, he went as he was ordered. King Akbar while hunting, reached cave of scary demons. There every day, a human was offered as sacrifice. Upon seeing Akbar there, they were very happy that prey had come to them and started to offer him as sacrifice. As per tradition, upon examining whether there is any fault in the body, they found there is wound in his little finger. Since wounded body was not be offered for sacrifice, they let him go. Then he returned to Birbal and appologized. He signalled to change his order and released Birbal. He told Birbal “If my finger was not cut today I would have been offered as sacrifice.In fact this wound save my life. I am very abashed by my cruelty towards you.” In reply to this Birbal said “Your majesty, you have done very good to me. Else being minister, I should have to follow you. You were left since you were wounded. After you, would be my turn. I would have been offered as sacrifice at any cost. So, you got wound, it was good, I got jailed, it was better, let us be content now.”

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