This will change one day

King fled to a cave to save his own life when neighboring countries confiscated over all his country and power. He was searched everywhere inside the forest. The soldiers approached the cave and started to listen carefully if there is any body inside the cave. But at the same time, the king remembered that once a saint had given him two pieces of paper and advised him to open one of them in his misery time and other in his most happiest time. He thought what would be miserable than this time and opened the piece of paper which he had tied in his arms. In the piece of paper, there was written “This will change one day.” While he was thinking about this, other soldiers returned hearing nothing from inside cave.

After interval of time, luck was in his favor. He was able to defeat his enemies easily and got victory. He returned to his kingdom from the cave. In that occasion, he thought there would no happiest time other than this in his life. He opened the other piece of paper and found the same sentence there “This will change one day”. The same sentence in both pieces of paper taught king a good lesson. Whatever be the situation, mental condition should always be same. One should be satisfied with the life and remain optimistic.

Life never remains the same. Whatever time it may be one should always keep one mentality “This will change one day” This inspires to be satisfy with life.

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