5 Effects of mind on body 4

“The fruit of silence is PRAYER.

The fruit of prayer is FAITH.

The fruit of faith is LOVE.

The fruit of love is SERVICE.

The fruit of service is PEACE.

The fruit of Peace is YOU and ME.”

-          Mother Teresa

This stanza summary is Mother Teresa. She used to say “Life is pool of mystery, so solve it; life is challenge, accept it; life is a gift, enjoy it”. In fact, source for soul happiness is not materialistic but spiritual. But many people who believe in materialism, waste health for money and later waste money for health. Satisfaction is main base for happiness in life. It is not achieved due to one’s nature of dissatisfaction in every thing. We are often anxious about future and regretful for past. Only few people know to live in present.

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin” This is saying from Mother Teresa. This clearly addresses the science of mind unknowingly. Since there is interdependent bond between mind and body, one affects other instantly and vice versa. This has been taken into consideration by all psychologists and started special study and brought new research area as Psychosomatic.  According to one of the survey conducted by World Health Organization (WHO), 60% of mental illness affects body. As in whole physical illness only 40% is physical illness and rest depends on flow of thought. Negative thoughts emerging from mind deactivate some essential parts of brain. Those body organs which are directly related with brain lose sensitivity and become weak and exhausted.  As habit of being tensed in small matters and uncontrollable behavior increases, brain cells can not resist; there is lack of oxygen in brain during anxiety. Due to this, there is sudden burst of brain cells which is well known as “Brain Hemorrhage”. Just like certain amount of energy is required for lighting a light bulb. Due to lack of the amount of energy, the bulb does not light. But when 10 times more voltage is applied across the bulb, it can not tolerate that and burst. The same principle applies to brain cells. When there is excess increase of sensations, there is no other option than explosion. It is believed that in every four minutes, one person dies due to this in this world. After the explosion of brain cells, blood spreads in all direction. When this blood reaches heart, it directly affects it. This toxic blood mixed with fat unnecessarily when reaches heart, heart is unable to function properly and as a result there is great possibility of heart attack.  There is not heart attack at once there should be Thought Attack for lot of times. If heart tolerates this, it affects whole nervous system. Sudden possibility of nerves Paralysis may increase. According to researchers, there is only one reason for paralysis of body organ, person is either mentally or physically tensed but calm person or person doing yoga exercise would never suffer paralysis. This appears as .side effect of tension. Apart from nervous system, then fourth effect is on eye. Sudden lose of eye sight or may suffer from eye problems or head ache may occur. If these frequent symptoms are neglected, there is high risk of being suffered from permanent vulnerable disease like migraine. Sometimes we used to say ” I got so much tempered ….that I could not control myself, …….at the same time ….I did not see, I raised my hands……. this happened as result………” From this also it is clear that even healthy person can not see during anger. It is not that they become blind but anger affects the lens at back of eye as a result, one could not see even all things are ahead of eye. If one can not control this type of feeling, one may lose eye sight due to which we are able to view the world. At the time of anger, one should enchant sorry at the same time. In fact, when one loses self confidence, he became weak, feeble and unsupported. Fifth effect is on face. sudden moonfaced may be observed . Due to unnatural facial expression, it affects day to day interaction, feeling of uneasiness and face swelling is noticed.

Thus, in conclusion, negative thoughts stimulated adrenal gland.  As result of which, platelets are increased stimulating high clot formation resulting towards the possibility of heart attack, paralysis. Positive thought of love and affection will help in production of molecules of happiness, natural sedation, which produce relaxation.

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