One glass of milk

Once a young man, suffering from hunger and thirst for many days, reached to a door of a house. In response to knock at door, a young lady opened the door. Due to embarrassment, he could not ask for food and just ask a glass of water to drink. She noticed that he has not eaten any food since many days so she brought him a glass of milk to serve food and drink at once. After drinking milk, he thanked and went on.

After some time, the same lady become so ill that she had to be admitted to hospital. After many days stay in hospital, she lastly recovered from her illness. Her family was in poor economic condition at that time but they went to pay for expenses that incurred during her treatment. To their surprise, they found just written “A glass of milk”. She soon realized that the same man whom she had helped has become a doctor now. He had paid in return to her kindness all her treatment expenses.

Benevolenceis always returned back.

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