Female giraffe kicks her infant new born child

Mother Giraffe kicks her calf. Few minutes after a calf is born, she takes a round. After that she starts kicking her new born infant. Everyone viewing this scene for the first time feels as if what a cruel mother she is. How can a mother be like her? Even birds cares for their babies but a mother giraffe started kicking her own new born infant child. This process continues till the baby giraffe stand up at his/her own. The baby has to stand up enforcing by the hurt and pain. Once the baby stands up the mother stops kicking. Then she started to love her child.

Now we can understand a giraffe being tallest animal of the world. Female giraffe¬† gives birth standing up. Once a baby is born, she worries for her child since other carnivorous animal might harm her child. So she starts kicking her child. Once the child can stand up, only then it can run. Else it can not run to save its life. Once it stands up, then the speed of a mother and child would be same. The mother has taught the child first lesson to struggle in life. It’s just a love of a mother.

Do not bother about struggle. Struggle is everywhere in nature. Life is struggle and struggle is life.

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