Pschyology affects body

In condition of a youth being hanged to death due to certain circumstances, a team of psychologist appeal to the government to provide him for their experiment rather than killing. With motive to help with experiment with the person being killed, they agreed easily. To work for scientific experiment that how mental vibration affect body, they took him to a forest, tied cloth to his eyes and started to stimulate his mind. He was told – “Peter! You would be bitten by a poisonous snake on your hand, and poison will spread on your body and you will die instantly.” Hearing these sentence, he become frustrated instantly. Again these words were repeated.

Repeating poisonous notices like “Peter! poisonous snake will bite you and you will be killed”, his body started to tremble, dilated and frustrated in all way. Lastly two pins were pierced in his finger at same time. What a surprise! within 10 minutes Peter died. This is obviously not new and first try. This type of death is called psychological death. It is possible and happens too. It is not big process of Peter’s death, this is normal process. It is thinkable that he died but how? His fingers were just pierced by pins but he died. What a surprise! It is more mysterious that after postmortem, all blood in his body was found to be poisoned. What a coincidence ! Just Pins were pierced but poison was found in body ? Is it possible? Think once.

This truth proved the “affect of mind over body” successfully in scientific way.

Do not poison your mind since you are poisoning your body ultimately.

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