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For any work to be success only secret is proper planning. It is believed that “Proper planning is half problem solved.” keeping this in mind, it is agreed that for a successful life mother’s womb plays vital role. Just like each and every grain mother eats give shape to baby healthy body, similarly it is universally accepted that every single thought shapes baby brain. For lucky baby, mother’s womb is beautiful and holy place where god carves fortune for his whole life.

Keeping this in mind, our ancestors used to pay special attention for pregnant mother. They used manage environment such a way that there is no mental stress, no scarcity, arrange healthy entertaining environment and provide inspiring and encouraging religious books that increases faith and enthusiasm. So desired baby used to born. Due to custom of managing whole fate before birth, still we believe in previous birth. We still hear “You have not this in your previous birth what can I do” nowadays. In fact, since baby remains in womb before birth so many people might believe in previous birth.

Somewhere when we came across stories of Gautam Buddha’s sacrifice, enlightenment, we come to hear that his mother, at the time of pregnancy, used to study different religious books, consult with many saints and have deep interest in religion. Thus despite of his marital life, Siddhartha Gautam was able to become founder of Buddhism and spread his teachings all over the world.

Nowadays, situation is exactly opposite. Unwillingly, during time of pregnancy, it has been custom of poisoning mentality with stress. Instead of inspiring religious advices, viewing violent channels and films, being tensed or depressed, workplace stress, use of various strong drugs, unbalanced diet, environmental effects etc bothers baby. As a result, innocent baby has to bear mother’s irresponsible deed. Here adage “Rat eat rice, frog gets punished” can be used. Womb has to be palace, but due to various reasons, it has been like jail with great misery and trouble nowadays as if it is hell. When source of fate is mucky, to believe rest of life will be joyful is just irrational. Babies under such circumstances are often found born handicapped; premature or post mature. They born suffering with any diseases, their delivery might be unnatural; as a result, both lives (mother and child) might be in danger. Let us think how such born babies will live their lives. If not taken proper care womb might become tomb for baby.

It is even heard that in western countries, especially Taiwan, it has been a ritual that such infants are supplied to hotels directly from hospitals. This is very famous as hottest food; even people love to have it as tasty and expensive receipe. Both living and dead embryo are commonly sold from USD $ 50 – USD $70 nowadays. Being habituated with meat, human embryo marketing has been possible. If not prevented, this brutality nature might affect whole human civilization greatly.

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